We always tell people that the best marriage proposal ideas are the ones that include things that are relevant to your relationship. We feel so blessed that were able to be the proposal planners that helped these amazing guys create amazing proposals. If you read our blog post yesterday, today we’re going to continue on with Part 2 of the Best Proposals of 2012. You can see a lot of these proposals by checking out our Marriage Proposal Gallery. Click here to check them out.


Poetic Proposal in North Carolina Beach

Tim was one of the nicest guys to work with and he also had a great talent that had to be incorporated into his proposal. Tim loved to write poetry so we helped him create a proposal that included his writing at 3 different spots along a walk on the beach. The end result was very poetic. Read the rest of this Poet Proposal here.


The “Two Minute Dates” New York Marriage Proposal

Ernest loved an episode that he saw of “How I Met Your Mother” where one of the characters takes his girl on 2 minute dates because of her schedule. He wanted to incorporate that into his proposal. In his proposal, he incorporated their 1st movie together, her favorite food, the song they first met with, and an awesome dance routine. Check out the full New York Marriage Proposal here.

beach marriage proposal

Romantic Beach Proposal

Sometimes you really can’t go wrong with a proposal that is simple but in a romantic setting. That is exactly how Sameer’s proposal was. He told his girlfriend that he wanted to take her to a nice dinner so he had her get dressed up. He took a quick pit stop by the beach where to her surprise, there was a violinist playing her favorite Indian song and there was a very romantic picnic setup on the beach. Read about this Romantic Beach Proposal here.


Waterfall and Band Proposal

Darin was a pleasure for us to work with. He truly loved Genessa and he had taken her all over the world. He had another trip planned to Portland and he wanted to make it extra special. He took her to a beautiful waterfall where we had arranged an a cappella group to serenade her as he proposed. Afterwards, he surprised her again by taking her to a rooftop in Portland where there was a band waiting to perform for only them as a celebration. Read more about this Romantic Proposal Idea here.

If you want to have the ultimate proposal idea, then the Proposal Planners at The Heart Bandits are your go-to source for proposal ideas and marriage proposal planning. We can make pretty much any vision you have become a reality. Contact us today to get started.


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