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Best Movie Themes for Marriage Proposal Ideas


If you would’ve asked me the best way to propose about 10 years ago, I would have said “just do it like they do in the movies”. The problem is though that the movies I would’ve been talking about were sci-fi or action movies so they wouldn’t have been too good of a selection.

If you ask me now, I may still say the same thing but I would add the caveat to only do that if your partner has an all-time favorite movie. When I say that I mean that she can literally quote every line. The movie must also flow well into a marriage proposal plan. Below are some of the best movie themes that can be used for marriage proposals.

Pretty Woman Marriage Proposal

Pretty Woman themed marriage proposal planned by The Heart Bandits. Photo by Allison Bess Photography.

Pretty Woman

Yes this movie is the favorite of many many women. It’s one of those movies that pretty much everyone has seen and has probably seen many times. Because it’s so close to people’s heart, then it would be a great way to bring that into a marriage proposal. We actually have an All Inclusive Package in Los Angeles that recreates the final scene. The picture above is of a similar Pretty Woman Proposal we planned in Phoenix.


The Notebook

We’ve seen this movie come up a lot in our discussions with clients as their girlfriend’s favorite movie. The characters have a ton of passion for each other and it’s a true love story. Because of the character’s attachment to each other, it could be used as a great theme for a proposal, especially the rain scene.

gone with the wind marriage proposal

Gone With The Wind

This movie is a classic epic. If you want a proposal that exudes timelessness then having a Gone With the Wind theme will be exactly that and will come off as very romantic.

Grease marriage proposal


If your partner loves this movie, then a great way to bring this into your proposal is through a flash mob. How cool would it be to have a flash mob spontaneously pop up in a public area to one of the many great songs in Grease. It would be even more awesome if the dancers were actually in Grease outfits. Luckily we even offer flash mob proposals so you can do this through us! 🙂

Titanic marriage proposal


When this movie came out, it instantly became popular with many people. If you’re partner loves this movie then you can create it visibly because it’s a time piece. Time pieces such as this are easier to display because costumes and themes make it more obvious you are using it. Plus the romantic story behind it could be a parallel to your relationship so it could be a great way to pull your proposal together.

If you would like help creating a movie-themed proposal, then The Heart Bandits are your best resource. We have helped tons of guys create amazing movie themed proposals to great results. Contact us today to get started!


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