So maybe the story started in the typical boy-meets- girl fashion—or boy meets boy, girl meets girl. (The possibilities are endless. You get the drift.) Maybe you found his awkwardness cute and endearing. Or maybe you enjoy talking about everything and anything with her.

Now you’ve decided you want to spend the rest of your life with that person. Do you ask straightaway, or do you pull off a surprise? You run to your best friend, Google, for creative ways to pop the question.

Wait just a minute. You’re forgetting something very important. Have you thought about the ring you’re going to give your significant other? In case you’re not the type who’s well read on engagement rings, take a look at this infographic on picking an engagement ring.

The infographic shows you various considerations to look at when you’re getting that ring. This visual guide also presents options on the right stone, shape, band, and metal. How do you get the ring size without spilling the beans? This infographic answers that as well.

It’s not just some shiny rock sitting on a metal band you’re looking at. The engagement ring is also a symbol of your steadfast love and commitment to a person, after all. As such, it is only right for you to be thoughtful about your ring choice.
How To Pick An Engagement Ring


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