This proposal was one of the most fun proposals to be a part of.  There was a gospel choir, real-time decorating as the proposee was watching, family anxiously hiding until their cue came, and one gorgeous woman getting the proposal of her dreams.  Dominic contacted The Heart Bandits to plan his very special marriage proposal to his girlfriend Ganina.  Like many of our clients, Dominic knew what he wanted, he just needed help with the execution and some suggestions to put it over the top.

He knew he wanted to propose in Balboa Park with their families watching.   His vision was to dress up a small section of it, get a church choir in position, and have her stumble on it as they were headed somewhere in the park. Ganina is a really big Motown fan so he knew that if the choir was singing one of their songs she would want to stop and listen.  He wanted decorations but didn’t want her to know something was up until he joined the choir to sing with them so we came up with the idea for the family to bring out the decor and place it as he was singing.  It turned out to be such an amazing proposal idea and the day was so memorable.

On a gorgeous day sunny day, Marvin and I arrived and met with Dominic and Ganina’s family.  We hid them out of Ganina’s view and handed them the decor that they would strategically need to place when the cue came.  Next, we positioned the choir and got them started singing Motown songs as crowds began to form.

Finally the moment came.  Dominic and Ganina approached the area and just as Dominic predicted, she stopped to watch.  Marvin gave the choir the signal that they were there so they wrapped up the song and started playing “Lucky Lucky Me.”  To Ganina’s complete surprise, Dominic joined the choir and began to serenade her.

Marvin placed the crates in position surrounding the choir and suddenly their family started coming out one by one.  Some had picture frames, others had bouquet of flowers, and they all placed the decor on the crates as practiced.  Once the decor was all set up, family was watching, and the song was over, Dominic called her up and dropped to his knee to propose.   She said yes!

We are so honored to have been a part of Dominic and Ganina’s marriage proposal.  If you want to plan the perfect proposal contact us today.  Whether you have your own idea or no idea, we can make sure the proposal is everything your partner has ever dreamed of.

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Proposal Planning & Decor: The Heart Bandits

Photography: Vaylia Photography



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