If you have never been to Atlanta, you should go. It is a really beautiful city and there are many fabulous places to propose there. If you are planning on proposing it Atlanta, you should first come up with a unique proposal idea. Once you have the perfect proposal idea, consider where you should have your proposal. Here are some beautiful locations for your proposal in Atlanta.

Botanical Gardens

The Botanical Gardens in Atlanta are really nice. Not only do they have gorgeous flowers as you would expect, but they also have art in the garden! Imagine proposing next to a sculpture or fountain surrounded by greenery. If you have a nature-loving girlfriend, this could be perfect.

Fountain of Rings

A beautiful tribute to the Olympics, the Fountain of Rings is to Atlanta what the Bellagio fountain is to Las Vegas. At night, it is beautifully lit up and of course, there is a water show. This could be a perfect proposal location to your athletic girlfriend.

The Sundial Restaurant

Propose with an amazing view of the city at the Sundial Restaurant. Located at the top of the Westin Hotel, you will get atmosphere, romance, and a killer view of the city. Just make sure to think of a creative way to propose here because a standard restaurant proposal is a little boring.

If you want to have the perfect Atlanta proposal, contact The Heart Bandits today. We will work with you to come up with a creative and unique proposal idea. Once you have the idea you love, we bring it to life for you! Contact us for your stress-free proposal.


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