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With winter just around the corner, proposing at a cozy ski resort with breathtaking views of the mountain seems like the perfect winter proposal idea. Whether you want to propose on the slopes or pop the question in front of a roaring fireplace, ski resorts have so many creative ways to propose.

Check out some of our favorite ski resort proposal ideas, and work with The Heart Bandits to get started planning!

On the Ski Lift

For the adventurous couple who loves to tackle new feats together, why not propose at the highest point of the mountain? As you head to the slopes, consider proposing while you’re on the ski lift–a place where she’ll least expect it! Once she says “yes!” and you begin skiing down the mountain, we can help you plan a romantic celebration at the bottom with a bouquet of roses and hot cocoa!

On the Slopes

As you’re on the slopes, wait until the moment is just right to get down on one knee (and make sure you’re out of the way of other skiers). The Heart Bandits can help you spell out a heartfelt message in rose petals against the snow, or help you plan a surprise gathering of friends and family at the bottom of the slopes. We can even work with a professional photographer who can capture romantic photos of the moment you pop the question.

In the Lodge

There’s nothing like a glowing fire and candlelit dinner to set the mood for the rest of your lives. Many ski resorts will have fine dining options that are ideal for romantic marriage proposals. After you clean up from a long day of skiing, propose over a plate of delicious chocolate and warm apple cider with romantic music and intimate candles flickering in the background.

In Your Cabin

Want to propose in a truly private area? Wait until you get back into the comfort of your cabin. Many ski resorts offer spa-like amenities such as jacuzzis, hot tubs, and even full-length kitchens and mini-bars! As you relax by the fire and reflect on your day, surprise her by asking her to spend her life with you.

During the Off-Season

If she hates the cold weather and you want to wait until it’s a bit warmer, there’s nothing wrong with proposing during the off-season at a ski resort. Some of our Aspen proposal ideas include an adorable picnic lunch overlooking the river and lush greenery, or at a breathtaking overlook at the top of the mountain!

Whether you decide to propose when the snow’s falling or the sun is shining, The Heart Bandits can help you plan a memorable, personalized proposal. And if you’re proposing at a ski resort, it’s extra important to keep your ring protected and hidden until you’re ready to pop the question — check out these compact engagement ring boxes from Ring Stash!

Emily Barge

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