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A Spoken Word Proposal That Will Make Your Eyes Water!


Ok, I LOVE LOVE LOVE this Long Beach Surprise Proposal.  Yvonne and Ben were in a long distance relationship and while Yvonne was visiting for a family reunion, Ben coordinated this amazing proposal.  The poem that the participants are reading is an actual poem that Ben wrote for Yvonne.  This proposal is one of my favorite marriage proposals of all time and here is why:


I always tell my clients, when you are coming up with your proposal idea, make sure the idea is relevant to your relationship.  For instance, don’t just fly in a helicopter for your proposal; fly over the area where you shared your first kiss for a proposal.  Ben didn’t just use a poem to propose, he used his own poem to propose and it was amazing!


You want it to be obvious to your girlfriend that you spent a lot of time thinking about how to make her proposal perfect.  I don’t think Yvonne would have any trouble seeing that.  You can tell Ben put a lot of thought into this proposal and that he wanted it to be special and sentimental.


A lot of guys get the engagement ring in their pocket and they want to propose right away, whether they have a plan or not.  Unfortunately, when you rush a proposal and don’t have a plan, it doesn’t always turn out as magical as it could have.  It is clear that Ben put a lot of time and coordination into this proposal.

If you are having trouble coming up with a really creative idea for a proposal, or you have a great idea but you just need help planning it, contact The Heart Bandits – Proposal Planners today!  We will work with you to create the ultimate proposal for the love of your life.



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