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A Solider Proposes From Afghanistan


In mid-December I got an email from Bill, a solider deployed in Afghanistan.  He told us that he was madly in love with his girlfriend Cindy and that they had talked about marriage but he had never formally proposed.  He wanted to do something very special and romantic but did not know how he could make that happen from Afghanistan.  The Heart Bandits were very excited to help and plan the proposal!

We decided to have the proposal take place at the super swanky Hotel Indigo in Houston, Texas.   Cindy was greeted by the Sales Manager, Brian Stonesifer who conincidentally is on the Board of Directors for USO, a nonprofit organization that provides morale and recreational services to members of the US military.  She was also greeted by a violinist serenading her with love songs.  She was led into a dark room that was decorated with candles and roses and sat down in front of a projected presentation that we put together for Bill.  The presentation showed pictures of Cindy and Bill and the final picture was of Bill on bended knee asking for Cindy’s hand in marriage.   What a beautiful proposal for a beautiful couple.  Congratulations Bill and Cindy!

The Cleveland Texas newspaper was there to capture it all.  See the article here

Picture Courtesy of Patric Schneider, Cleveland Advocate

Picture Courtesy of Patric Schneider, Cleveland Advocate

Picture Courtesy of Patric Schneider, Cleveland Advocate

On Bended Knee


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An entrepreneur since childhood, Michele is proud to have left her Air Force and corporate career behind to start her own business that she is truly passionate about. Her “type-A personality” has certainly proven useful when creating dream proposals where the stakes are extremely high. Armed with a Business degree, a no-nonsense attitude, and the drive to do whatever it takes to bring her client’s vision to life, she has successfully masterminded hundreds of perfect marriage proposals. In her spare time, you will find Michele laughing, dancing, and spending time with family.