Our friends from Embrace Life Photography photographed a beautiful proposal that we just had to share!  Embrace Life Photography was contacted by Enrique, who was coming to LA and he thought it was the perfect time to propose to his girlfriend Fatima and have it all be captured on film.

Enrique setup the scenario perfectly.  He told Fatima that he was going to Los Angeles for business and that he wanted her to accompany him. As they arrived from LAX to their hotel, he arranged to have the photographers meet them in the lobby. The photographer, Adam, approached them and told them that Enrique had commissioned him to take a photo shoot of them. It was the perfect back-story because Fatima had always mentioned to Enrique throughout their relationship that she wanted something like this. The photo shoot was done at the gorgeous and very romantic setting of the light posts at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA). At around sunset when the lights came on, Enrique got down on one knee and proposed to Fatima to her amazement. Of course she said yes!   Read the full story from Adam and see more of their amazing pictures here. The folks at Embrace Life take amazing photographs and they have captured other proposals as well.

As Proposal Planning Experts at The Heart Bandits, capturing your proposal on film is highly recommended. It is a very special moment in a couple’s relationship so if it’s captured on film, it could be reminisced upon for years to come. If you would like a great photographer for your event, Embrace Life Photography, is a great choice. If you would like marriage proposal help, anniversary planning, or romantic date planning, then contact The Heart Bandits today. We are experts in the field of romance and want to make your event all that it can be so that you can continue to have that spark that makes your relationship special.


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