The best marriage proposal idea

If you want to pull off a romantic marriage proposal, keeping the surprise in tact should be your top priority. Finding a place to safely, and secretly, store the ring can be nerve-wracking–but it’s essential! Are you traveling to a fancy destination for your proposal? Or are you proposing in your backyard?

No matter how you decide to pop the question, we’ve come up with some clever places to hide your engagement ring until the moment you’re ready to get down on one knee:

1. Your dog’s collar. Dogs are a man’s (and woman’s) best friend, so why not include them in the proposal? There are so many creative ways to incorporate your furry friend into the biggest moment of your life. You can wrap the ring box lightly around his collar with a ribbon, or if you’re feeling extra ambitious, train him to walk the ring box to you when you’re down on one knee!  

2. Your suitcase. If you’re traveling to the beach or your favorite city, make sure to stash the ring in a place she won’t find in your suitcase–especially if you’re sharing one. Try rolling the ring box into one of your socks or the pocket of a pair of pants.

3. A box of presents. While there are pros and cons to proposing during the holidays, one of the benefits is that you can surprise her by wrapping up the ring. To make it extra fun, put smaller boxes into a big box so she has to open them one by one before finding the diamond.

4. A bouquet of flowers. Consider attaching the ring box to a string and tie it around the bouquet. You could include a romantic note that hints at your engagement, and then surprise her by getting down on one knee and telling her to open the box!

5. A necklace. Did you hear about the woman who spent a year wearing her engagement ring around her neck without knowing it? Her boyfriend was an artist and created a beautiful wooden necklace with a secret hiding place for the ring. This can lead to an exciting surprise, but make sure you consider how long she should wear the necklace before proposing–you don’t want her to accidentally lose it!

6. Your pocket. Whether it’s your pants or jacket pocket, this is a classic hiding spot that never goes out of style. And with Ring Stash’s skinny engagement ring boxes, she won’t be able to tell you have an engagement ring in there.  

If you’ve determined the best hiding place for your engagement ring and want to plan the perfect marriage proposal, contact The Heart Bandits. We’ll make sure your proposal is stress-free, romantic, and truly personalized!

Emily Barge

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