For most men, what makes a wedding proposal so nerve-wracking is not whether or not she’ll say yes, but how they are going to ask the big question in the first place. Every proposal story we hear seems to top itself and there can be a lot of pressure to ask in a way that’s truly memorable. Here are five ways to use something as simple as food to make it a night she’ll never forget.

Bouquet of Cookies

A cookie bouquet combines a delicious dessert with a classic wedding symbol – the bouquet. And unlike the flower arrangements commonly associated with marriage proposals, this bouquet won’t spend a week wilting away on the kitchen table. Cookie bouquets are an arrangement of cookies, often colored with different types of frosting, to resemble a flower arrangement that is 100% edible. Cookies bouquets can go in a decorated vase, a long-stem roses box, or a wicker gift basket. They create a perfect hiding place for an engagement ring that does not run the risk of an unsuspecting bride-to-be accidentally taking a bite before she knows the ring is there.

Many companies offer same-day delivery for cookie bouquets, but people who are baking-inclined can make their own or buy the cookies and arrange the bouquet themselves.

Custom Box of Chocolates

It’s becoming popular for chocolate companies to create spaces in their boxes for an engagement ring. Some companies can add a photo of the couple on the top of the box and then fill it with truffles or other chocolates. “Will you marry me?” can be digitally added to the photo or the proposal can be made as the chocolates are being opened to show the ring mixed in with the sweets.

Engraving a custom message onto a wooden box is a classy option as well. This is a great way to pop the question in style and the box can be easily be saved to remember the special day.

Dessert Tray Surprise

A restaurant proposal is still a popular way to propose, but it can be made sweeter by arranging for the ring box to be displayed on a dessert tray. The restaurant can write “Will you marry me?” in chocolate above the ring or the box can be placed next to a favorite dessert item. Restaurant review sites like Yelp are a great way to track down venues that are the best for assisting with wedding proposals, but most upper scale restaurants will happily oblige with helping make an engagement special.

Fortune Cookie

Fortune cookies are a great way to deliver the special message to someone you love and can easily be ordered online with a custom message inside. This is a great way to propose after a home cooked dinner or can even be given to the waiter ahead of time at a restaurant so they can bring it out with the dessert.

If you’re more inclined to hand write your own message, a pair of tweezers can pick out the existing message of a regular fortune cookie and be replaced with a slip of paper that you’ve crafted on your own.

Chocolate-Dipped Champagne Bottle

For couples who love wine and chocolate, the perfect way to say, “Will you marry me?” is to put them together. Champagnes like Domaine St. Michelle and Ferrer Brut with the bottles dipped in quality dark chocolate can be ordered online and found in some larger scale wine and spirits stores. The top of the bottle remains uncovered, so it can still be opened and enjoyed and the engagement ring can be tied to the top of the bottle or to the stem of a champagne flute. Despite what you see in the movies, the ring shouldn’t be placed in the bottom of the filled glass. The diamond could end up at the bottom of her stomach instead of on her finger.

Don’t think that a higher price tag necessarily equals a better proposal. Food is a great assistant for the occasion because it’s something we all love. If there’s a certain food or dessert the two of you share in common, it will only make the memory that much more special, and she’ll love it all the more.

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