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Have you been browsing the web for creative ways to pop the question? If you’re hoping to plan a marriage proposal that truly surprises her, good, old-fashioned romance is the way to go. While you might be tempted to catch her off guard by scaring her in a “fun” way, these types of proposals rarely turn out the way you want.

Before you propose, think about what she likes. After all, if you’re expressing your love, you want to make her feel comfortable with the thought of spending her life with you–not scared. As you work with The Heart Bandits to plan a memorable marriage proposal, we’ll help you avoid these common proposal fails.

Fake Arrest

You might think it sounds fun to roll up in a police car and scare your girlfriend into thinking she broke the law right before you propose. But your big moment shouldn’t be rooted in fear. If she’s already feeling the intense emotions of being pulled over, how do you expect her to divert her full attention to your proposal? Dressing up as a police officer is cute for Halloween, not your proposal.

Fake Plane Crash

Do you really think she wants to fear for her life before you propose? Many viral videos show guys asking a girl to marry them after pretending the plane has a malfunction, but fear is never romantic. An intimate plane or helicopter ride can be a beautiful way to pop the question, so if you’re eager to propose from the clouds, this is a much better option.

Fake Medical Emergency

Similar to above, do you really think she wants to fear for your life before one of the biggest moments of her life? It may seem fun to test her devotion by faking an ambulance ride or hospital visit, but this can seem manipulative and depressing when she realizes you’re leading up to such a happy moment.

After a Fight

Making up after a fight can be fun–we know–but do you really want the negative emotions from your fight to carry over into your proposal? Try waiting for a time when your moods will match the magic of the moment.

On a Roller Coaster

Proposing on a roller coaster sounds like a great idea for thrill-seekers, but pulling the ring out of your pocket can be risky when you’re racing down a steep hill and whipping around turns! Keep the ring in a safe place until you’re off the ride, and then get down on one knee.

Your marriage proposal should be a once-in-a-lifetime moment for both of you. Instead of relying on scare tactics, try thinking about her favorite hobbies or her idea of a perfect day and transform them into a magical proposal. The Heart Bandits has professional experience with planning proposals, and we can help you amp up the romance.

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