The Heart Bandits – Wedding Proposal Planners are sometimes astonished at some of the proposal ideas we read about, hear about, and are even asked to arrange.  Here are our top 5 proposal ideas you should never attempt.

Faking Your Own Death

We all heard about the proposal where a Russian man asked his girlfriend to meet him somewhere.  When she arrived she saw mangled cars, an ambulance, and her boyfriend who appeared to be bleeding from everywhere.  He actually arranged for the paramedic to tell her that he was dead but then he was like “Ha Ha, just kidding! Will you marry me?”  This is a terrible idea.  Why would you want to make your girlfriend’s heart break before you propose?  Which leads me to my horrible proposal idea….


Scaring Her Before You Propose

This one I just don’t understand the logic behind.  I have had several people call me to ask me to hire police to chase their girlfriends down or to chase them around in front of their girlfriend so that she gets all scared and then relieved when she finds out it is really a proposal.  I understand that you want a surprise proposal, but what value is added by scaring your girlfriend before the big moment?  A proposal should be pleasant from start to finish.

Jumbo-tron Proposal

I never get tired of addressing the ever so played out jumbo-tron proposal.  It is such a bad idea because it is cheesy and also because it makes the girl feel like she can’t even say no, even if she wanted to.  Besides, it has been done a million times………unfortunately.


Cliché Proposal Ideas

If you find a proposal idea many times on the Internet, chances are it is cliché.  Do not propose to your girlfriend by hiding the ring in a box of chocolates or having the waiter bring out your ring on a dessert tray.  Please don’t propose by dropping the ring in a champagne glass or by hanging the ring on a Christmas tree.  Your girlfriend deserves her own, custom proposal idea that was created just for her.

Put the Ring Somewhere Crazy

You probably heard about the guy who buried his engagement ring in the sand and then couldn’t find it when he went to propose.  Please don’t do anything like that.  Don’t put the ring in your adorable puppies mouth, don’t bury it, and don’t do anything silly with such a huge investment.

For creative and custom proposal ideas, hire The Heart Bandits.  We will interview you to find out details about you, your girlfriend, and your relationship, and then we will come up with original proposal ideas for you.  You can hire us to plan every detail so you can be sure nothing goes wrong.  Contact us today.


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  • Lillian Lyon

    One of the first questions I ask when I interview my couples is how the groom proposed. With hundreds of weddings under my belt, I thought I’d heard it all. Then one day a groom told me he took his bride on a romantic picnic and hid the engagement ring in a baguette. He was having such a great time, he simply forgot about where he put the ring, until they had finished eating their baguettes and started on dessert…chocolate brownies. Guess what? Need I say more.

    • Marvin

      Ouch! That’s exactly why you do NOT put the ring in food. You should present it in a nice way, not in a potentially hazardous way or a in way that you might forget. Thanks for sharing Lillian!