Proposal ideas for thrill seekers

If you’re planning a proposal for an adventurous, free-spirited soul, thinking outside the box is the best way to impress her. The Heart Bandits has experience planning unique marriage proposals that are personalized and romantic for every couple.

For the thrill-seeking couples who love to be active, try some of these jaw-dropping proposal ideas.

Bungee Jumping

There’s nothing like testing your limits as you ask her to spend her life with you! Bungee jumping not only gives you a huge rush of adrenaline, but you can make it romantic as you help each other overcome your nerves.

After you make the leap together, try proposing at the end of the bungee jump as you’re hanging in mid-air! The Heart Bandits can also work with a professional photographer who can take breathtaking photos of your heart-racing proposal.


Similar to bungee jumping, skydiving allows you to literally take a leap of faith–just like marriage. The Heart Bandits can make sure you have a romantic set-up when your feet hit the ground. Whether you want to spell out a message in rose petals or propose with a picnic blanket and bottle of champagne, we’ll take care of the details so all you have to do is pop the question!

Helicopter Ride

If you want to plan an adventurous proposal but want something a little more intimate, a romantic helicopter ride can be the best of both worlds. You can soar above the city skyline and explore new heights together. Once she says “yes!” and the helicopter lands, The Heart Bandits can make sure a bouquet of roses is waiting for you to celebrate your engagement!

Hot Air Balloon

Love the outdoors and want to propose in the clouds? A romantic hot air balloon ride can be a relaxing and exciting way to pop the question. We can send you off with a basket of cheese, wine, and chocolate. Depending on the size of the hot air balloon, we may even be able to coordinate a professional photographer or musician to make your proposal even more magical.

Rock Climbing

If you love to exercise together and explore the outdoors, a rock-climbing proposal can be a fun-loving way to propose! As you make the climb and reflect on your life together, wait until you get to the top to pop the question. As you overlook the beautiful views and celebrate the end of the climb, she won’t be able to resist saying “yes!”

Are you ready to plan an exciting proposal for your favorite thrill-seeker? The Heart Bandits can work with you to create a one-of-a-kind proposal. Get started today!

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Emily Barge

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