Labor Day weekend is coming up and what a great time to propose to your sweetie!  Why, you ask?  The Heart Bandits – Wedding Proposal Planners have compiled a list of reasons why it is a good idea to propose marriage  on Labor Day weekend.  Hire one of our Proposal Planners to help you come up with the most creative and personalized way to propose marriage to your loved one!

The Weather

The weather on Labor Day weekend is generally good.  Of course there will be some anomalies but usually it is not too hot, not at all cold, and there is not much chance of rain.  Good weather always makes for a great engagement proposal idea.

Long Weekend

Because Labor Day is always accompanied with a long weekend, it is a great time to use one our unique marriage proposal ideas and pop the question.  You can have a destination proposal or drink too much champagne during your proposal celebration and not have to worry about work!

Family & Friends

While you do want your wedding proposal to be intimate, it is always a fun idea to have family and friends at the after party!  On Labor Day weekend, a lot of family and friends may be in town and after you pop the question you could have an after celebration with her loved ones.  The Heart Bandits plan Engagement Parties too!

Cool Day

Let’s face it, Labor Day is just a cool day to say you got engaged on.  Also, the next year when you want to celebrate your engagement, you will do it over another long weekend.  Some couples choose to get married around the same time they were engaged so it would be an amazing weekend to choose for your actual wedding as well.

The Heart Bandits would love to interview you and come up with an amazing proposal concept designed just for you and your honey.  We specialize in planning proposals on very short notice so email us today!


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