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4 Marriage Proposal Ideas for the Shy Guy



You know, back in the day, I used to be a guy that was really shy. I’m still somewhat quiet overall but when I was younger, I used to shy away from many encounters as that was just the way I was. If you’re this type of guy, that shouldn’t stop you from having an amazing marriage proposal. For guys that are ready to pop the question and are having trouble with engagement ideas because they’re shy, today’s post is just for you. The Heart Bandits Proposal Planners have some proposal ideas that are meant for shy guys like you.

Intimate Setting for Your Marriage Proposal

If you’re shy, then you most likely don’t want to do a flash mob dance for your girlfriend or anything that would be way outside your comfort zone. You should still make your proposal all about your girlfriend but there’s ways that you can make it about her while still not having to doing anything outrageous for you.

Earlier this year I wrote a post about How to Propose in an Intimate Setting. You can use this same type of proposal if you are shy. You can setup something really romantic without having to worry about people watching you or making a scene. You can also make your proposal all about your girlfriend by including elements that are special to her.

Have a Musician Serenade Your Girlfriend

Having a musician at your proposal can make it really special and romantic. If you’re a shy person, then that is a win-win because you can have someone take the pressure off you because your girlfriend will see that you have done something nice for her.

Hire a Proposal Planner to Help

You can hire The Heart Bandits as your Proposal Planners and we will help you throughout your entire engagement process. We have helped tons of guys that are shy, and me understanding where you’re coming from, we can help you stay comfortable while doing something that is perfect for your girlfriend.

Use a Poem from a Professional Poet to Express Yourself

This one is especially helpful for the guy that has trouble saying what he feels (this is probably most guys anyway lol). Having a professional poet write a poem for your love is the perfect way share your feelings without having to kill yourself over saying exactly what you want. This poem will also be a keepsake for years to come.

Being shy should not stop you from having an amazing marriage proposal. You can still have an engagement that is perfect for your girlfriend without you having to go past your comfort zone. Contact us today to get help your proposal ideas and planning and we’ll take away the stress that you’re experiencing.


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