Summer proposal ideas

As we welcome the final days of summer, the air is getting crisper, the crowds are getting smaller, and everyone is enjoying the last few weeks of colorful flowers. There’s no better time to hold on to the warm weather and say “hello” to autumn than by planning a romantic marriage proposal.

Before pumpkins start popping up in store windows and sweater weather is in full effect, try one of these end-of-summer proposal ideas!

In the Woods

The end of summer is known for having lower humidity and comfortable hiking weather in many parts of the country. Instead of sweating in the heat of the summer, wait until early September and pick a hike that leads to a beautiful overlook or an intimate meadow filled with wildflowers.

The Heart Bandits can help you find a photographer who will discretely capture the moment she says “yes” with picturesque views in the background! What better way to end your summer than with a hike that leads to the start of forever?

At the Beach

At the end of the summer, most beaches have lost their summer crowds but still have a peaceful energy thanks to the locals. If she loves the sand and the water, and wants to feel the sunshine on her shoulders one more time this season, consider planning the proposal of her dreams as the waves crash behind you.

When you walk to an intimate spot along the beach, The Heart Bandits can set up a romantic spot with rose petals, blankets, and champagne. Enjoy the sunset together afterwards and celebrate the perfect end-of-summer engagement!

Amusement Park

When it comes to sharing cotton candy, holding hands on a roller coaster, and enjoying a competitive round of bumper cars, amusement parks have a certain type of childlike wonder that’s irresistible. While they can be loud and sweaty throughout the summer, September is the best time for short lines and cooler temperatures.

If you want to plan an adventurous proposal, try proposing under some of the twinkling lights in your favorite amusement park!

Botanical Garden

Does she love gardening? The end of the summer is the perfect time for the last harvest of plants and blooms. If you visit a botanical garden, you can propose along rows of tropical flowers and breathtaking arrangements. For something a little more rustic, consider visiting a local farm or orchard and propose in between rows of colorful fruit trees!

To get started planning a romantic proposal during the last few weeks of summer, contact The Heart Bandits. Don’t forget about how you’re going to safeguard your ring–these skinny engagement ring boxes will protect your diamond until the proposal!

Emily Barge

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