Awe the holiday spirits are in the air and we’ve seen a big increase in people being interested in proposing marriage during Christmas. The fact that families are together, people are in a giving spirit, and the vacation time that people get makes this a perfect time to get engaged. The Heart Bandits Proposal Ideas are the perfect place to start. For those that just need marriage proposal advice however, here are some Christmas Proposal Don’ts that you should keep in mind this holiday season.

Christmas Party Proposal Dont

At a Holiday or Office Party

No, no, no, no, and absolutely no! First of all, some of these parties tend to be bad. Second of all, the focus of these parties is on other things. When you are thinking about your proposal, you should think about things that she likes, not about proposing somewhere where you’re just out or to just get it over with. You should make your proposal about her. Chances are, having a proposal at a party is will be more about laughing at ugly sweaters than it will be about your partner.

In Christmas Cookies

Don’t get me wrong, EVERYONE loves Christmas cookies including yours truly. But that absolutely does not mean that you should make that a focal point of your proposal. We have tried to warn guys of having engagement rings in food time and time again and we just want to make sure it’s understood. Putting rings in food is simply not good. It’s potentially hazardous and there are so many better things you can do.

In Front of Family as a Showcase

There are exceptions to everything but in general you don’t want to put your loved one on the spot, especially in a family gathering. If people are opening gifts and you call everyone’s attention in order to propose, that just doesn’t scream romance. There are much better things you can do that are more personalized to your relationship.

On Your Christmas Tree

Ok you may think that this may be a brilliant idea but it’s actually somewhat cliche. Putting the ring on the tree or on a generic ornament isn’t unique. If you hand-made an ornament that might be different but if you’re placing the ring on a random Christmas Tree ball that you got at Target that has a bunch of glitter, then you can try a little harder.

Proposing at Christmas doesn’t have to be stressful. It’s a great holiday that a lot of people consider their favorite. Since there’s a good chance your partner will be in good spirits already you can make it a really good proposal. Hiring The Heart Bandits Marriage Proposal Planners will be the best way to start. Contact us today to get started on your perfect Christmas wedding proposal.


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