This is one of the most fun proposals we planned all last summer!  Bill contacted us with a VERY specific vision in mind.  He just needed our help executing it because he lives in China.  His girlfriend was going to be visiting Las Vegas and she had no idea that Bill planned to fly out and surprise her with an epic flash mob proposal!  Tina had made the comment to Bill that she knew he was going to propose in a traditional way, perhaps over a dinner in China.  So Bill wanted to shock her and do something big.  His vision was for a 30 piece orchestra and 8 dancers to storm Fremont Street in Las Vegas to the song “Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You.”

After months of planning, going back and forth with Bill’s translator, hundreds of whatsapp messages, meetings with vendors and rehearsals, we pulled off the most exciting Flash Mob ever seen.  Tina’s friend brought her to Fremont Street where there was a lone saxophonist in the middle of the plaza. Her friend nudged her to put a tip in the saxophonist’s case which triggered the saxophonist to play the intro to that song.  Suddenly one by one, more and more musicians joined the saxophonist and by the time the famous “I Love You Baby” chorus came on, 30 musicians had joined together to play for her.  Next, 8 dancers came in Flash Mob style and did flips and tricks.

Last, but certainly not least, Bill joined the dancers and performed (like a rockstar I might add) the routine he had been practicing for weeks via a Youtube video.  He totally nailed it and at the end of the routine, with crowds of over a hundred people watching, Bill yelled out, “Tina, Would You Marry Me?”  She said yes and the crowd cheered.

We wish Bill and Tina a lifetime of happiness.  If you want to plan an epic marriage proposal, The Heart Bandits are right for you.  If you have an out of this world idea, let us bring it to life for you.  If you don’t have that creative proposal idea yet, we will work with you to create it.  The possibilities are endless, contact us today.

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Proposal Planning: The Heart Bandits

Video: M Place Productions

Venue: Fremont Street

Orchestra:Las Vegas Young Artists Orchestra

Choreographer: Sam Allen


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