Thanksgiving is coming up next week and The Heart Bandits think it is an excellent day to propose.  I mean, what better way to show your lover that you are thankful for them than by proposing an engagement?  If you want to come up with the perfect, sentimental proposal idea for Thanksgiving, you should hire a Proposal Planner from The Heart Bandits.  But if you decide you want to go at it alone, please……….pretty please……….don’t propose using these ideas.  I actually found these ideas on the Internet and people are recommending that people propose this way.  Now you know why we started our business.

During Thanksgiving Dinner

Although there are exceptions to every rule, generally a proposal should be something intimate and not a family affair.  Proposing while your Auntie asks you to pass the mashed potatoes just isn’t a good idea.  Propose well before the family arrives and then announce your engagement at dinner!

Slip the Ring in the Turkey

Can you believe this is actually listed somewhere as a good proposal idea?  Slip your expensive diamond engagement ring into a carcass as your proposal idea!  WOW!  I don’t think so and I am not even going to offer up an explanation as to why this is a terrible idea.

At A Thanksgiving Parade


Unless your loved one is a parade fanatic, proposing at a Thanksgiving parade is kind of cheesy.  There are ways you could make a parade proposal work for you but it would take a lot of brainstorming to try to make it sentimental.

If you would like help with proposal ideas and planning from Engagement Experts, contact The Heart Bandits today. We are marriage proposal experts and can tell you exactly all you need to know to propose.  We will walk you through things you need to consider to make this day as special as it really needs to be.


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